Peter Beard by Steven Owen and Steven M.L. Aronson Book

16 June 2014

Peter Beard by Steven Owen and Steven M.L. Aronson Book Taschen Books-01


Photographer Peter Beard has kept diaries from a young age, and combines his passion for photography and collage to document his life in Africa and New York City. This hardcover book is a combination of two volumes that Taschen has published previously that came to define the work of this artist, and together cross 600 pages for an exceptional extract of his oeuvre. Available to Order Now from

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Jacob Reischel Photography

14 June 2014

Jacob Reischel Photography Marie Jacob and Julia Strathmann-3

Jacob Reischel is the artistic name of Berlin-based photography duo Marie Jacob and Julia Strathmann. They produce eclectic retro inspired images that are nostalgic for the 70s and 80s while offering a sleek presentation of contemporary products. Due to the signature aesthetic Jacob and Strathmann have created their work frequents the pages of art-house fashion magazines like Material Girl and 74 mag. Continue reading to view more samples of their photography.

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Inspirations: Tim Walker – The Story Teller

06 May 2014

Tim Walker Photography Tim Walker The Story Teller-4

“Fantasy isn’t something I put into the pictures; I don’t try and inject them with a sense of play. But it’s about being an honest photographer; a photograph is as much of a mirror of the photographer as it is the subject. A lot of links and inspiration come from my childhood and my reluctance to give it up. You lose a lot as you mature, but if you lose it completely you couldn’t possibly be a photographer – you need that sense of curiosity.” – Tim Walker, English Fashion & Portrait Photographer.

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Lillian Bassman Photography

13 March 2012

Last month one of RDuJour’s favourite photographers Lillian Bassman passed away. From the 1950s tot the 1960s Bassman worked with Harper’s Bazaar, publishing her stunning black and white stylised images until they fell out of fashion in the 70s.


Deborah Solomon’s book Lillian Bassman: Women is a beautiful anthology of her work.  … “With more than 200 of her best images reproduced in stunning tritone, including many never published before and others not seen since they appeared in the pages of the legendary “Harper’s Bazaar” of the 1950s, “Lillian Bassman: Women” offers a retrospective view of an extraordinary career in photography. At 91 and still hard at work, Bassman is a beloved figure in the pantheon of fashion photographers. Her signature style, once described by Richard Avedon as making ‘visible that heart-breaking invisible place between the appearance and the disappearance of things’, offered a sensuous and intimate vision of modern women. Says Judith Thurman, ‘Bassman’s women – perennially soulful, elusively chic – have the poignancy of an endangered species’. Well-known art writer and journalist Deborah Solomon contributes an introduction. An illustrated chronology gives a cinematic overview of a remarkable life.” … Visit to purchase a copy now.

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Visionaire No. 40: Roses by David Sims

09 February 2012

Visionaire, the limited-edition fashion and art publication, offers a rare opportunity to view the never-before-seen collection of personal work by renowned photographer David Sims. Sims, known primarily for his strong fashion images, creates a stunning series of photographs evoking the darkness and beauty of the rose, magnifying its scars and perfections, resulting in an inspiring, moving, and memorable body of work. The images are printed as individual art works and included in a custom designed case. Visit to purchase now.

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Backstage Dior by Roxanne Lowit

05 September 2011

Veteran New York photographer Roxanne Lowit has chronicled John Galliano’s fashion shows for over a decade. With a rough-hewn, up-close approach she delves into the fascinating details behind the scenes. Her collection of snapshotstyle photographs convey the buzz of fashion’s consistently most inspiring spectacle. A bold mixture of color and black-and-white, these images are by turns whimsical and awe-inspiring. As much a star as the celebrities she profiles, Lowit brings an insider perspective to this world of high glamour. Visit to purchase now.

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Corinne Day THE FACE at Gimpel Fils Gallery

03 September 2011

A retrospect of the late Corinne Day’s work, including her iconic photographs of Kate Moss, is currently on display at London’s Gimpel Fils Gallery.

“Corinne Day’s daring and provocative images burst into collective consciousness through the pages of The Face magazine in the early 1990s. This exhibition revisits some of Day’s earliest photographs created for The Face, providing an opportunity to assess the on-going artistic legacy of her exceptional vision.

During the 1980s and ‘90s, The Face broke boundaries with its radical art direction, use of new fonts and page design; It attracted a select group of passionate writers, photographers and stylists who challenged the mainstream by actively giving focus to youth style, music and culture. The images Day produced for The Face caused an international sensation, launched the careers of numerous models and identified Day as a photographer of unique talent.

This exhibition will include images from Day’s fashion stories, Heaven is Real and Borneo, respectively published in the February ’91 and August ’91 editions of The Face. In these lesser-known images Day captured teenage femininity as ethereal and playful, provocative and unsure. In Heaven is Real, Day evoked the power of female friendship: Through the sequence of images, Kate Moss and Lorraine Pascale appear carefree and exuberant at one moment and hesitant the next. Day always wanted to challenge the convention of overindulgent ‘supermodel in exotic location’ fashion spreads and in Borneo, she was able to translate the spontaneity of holiday snaps to her professional work. Kate Moss is pictured walking out of the sea in flippers, wandering down the road in flip-flops, making friends with local children.

It is testament of Day’s talent as a photographer that she was able to capture an air of informality in her images. Her photographs do not feel staged or posed, and the people she chose to work with do not feel removed from the everyday world. In their familiarity, Day captured the zeitgeist of early 90s Britain. As Sheryl Garrett editor of The Face explained, the magazine “set out a new editorial task of expressing the underground movements of the 90’s. Acid house, ecstasy and the massive, rapid rise of rave culture was the magazine’s inspiration. It felt like a time for smiling rather than pouting, for bright colours and openness and also for something more natural and real – which Corinne Day’s images tapped into very clearly”.

Although controversy would follow Day’s career – and she was not one to shy away from it – what is often overlooked in her work is the joyfulness of her images. Her photographs of open and joyous girls and boys are so powerful that the youthful enthusiasm she portrayed becomes infectious. Day preferred to challenge preconceived notions of beauty and redefined the concerns and range of the fashion photograph. Freedom is a central motif of her work: freedom of the model to express themselves, freedom for Day to pursue her own interests and, in particular, her belief that beauty could be found wherever she chose to look.

In collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, Gimpel Fils is pleased to announce that Corinne Day’s 2007 portrait commission of Kate Moss has been produced as an edition of 10. Describing the composite work of nine close-up images of Moss, NPG Director Sandy Nairn commented: ‘It’s almost like one of those Victorian scientific studies of emotions – in some of them she looks as if she is about to speak, or has just finished speaking – but we don’t know what she would say’.”

The exhibit runs until October 1st at 30 Davies Street  W1K 4NB.

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Georgia May Jagger by Hedi Slimane

13 April 2011


A bit of a flashback here – fashion designer turned photographer Hedi Slimane photographed model Georgia May Jagger in New York last year for the September 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Continue reading to view additional images.

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1980s Andy Warhol Polaroids

09 January 2011


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Eleanor Hardwick Photography

26 October 2009


Eleanor Hardwick is a sixteen-year-old photographer from Oxford, England. Her commissions include photographing collections for Jack Wills, Oasis, Puella, and Dan Black, and her work has also appeared in The Independent Magazine, Dazed & Confused, 125 Magazine, Twin Magazine, Grazia, Look, Elle Girl Korea,, YEN Magazine, Blackbook, Frankie Magazine Book, N.E.E.T. Magazine and more. Continue reading for more photographs. 

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